Creating communities that thrive.


The majestic Kapok Tree is the name we chose for our yoga studios because it represents everything we believe in and hope to provide you with as a company.

We have a vision for creating a community that thrives. Like the large, tropical Kapok Tree, ours is a community that puts down deep roots while continually reaching towards the Heavens. The Kapok Tree is home to a diverse array of life and provides nourishment, a place to land, and oxygen to breathe. We hope to do the same.

We have a vision for building a community that is vibrantly healthy, made up of people who regard themselves and others with loving-kindness, and consisting of individuals who seek to become mindful, strong, and happy each and every day.

We have a vision for building this community through the experience of practicing hot Vinyasa flow yoga, as well as other forms of yoga, together.

Through the yoga we teach, we strive to cultivate the following principles: peace, diversity, holistic living, high self-esteem, frequent generosity, out-of-this-world gratitude, helping others, respect for different perspectives, unparalleled encouragement, awareness of our mental and physical health, expressing ourselves authentically, promoting healing, patience, taking care of our planet, being active listeners, engaging with our local community, building meaningful relationships, affirming our feelings and the feelings of others, becoming lifelong learners, believing that everything is possible and believing that every single person who comes through our doors has unique, good, and powerful gifts that can be discovered and nurtured through the practice of yoga as it unites our mind, body, and spirit, in the amazing way that only yoga can do.